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What are Electronic Cigarettes and Why SMOKO

Incredible Smoking Sensation

SMOKO has been engineered to deliver an incredible smoking sensation that better than the real thing! Great vapour delivered with every drag.

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Amazing Range of Flavours

Whatever your taste buds fancy, we have the flavour for you. SMOKO has one of the largest flavour selections and different levels of nicotine available. From our most popular flavours – Original, Menthol, Virginia Rolling and HAVANA - to Apple, Cola, Coffee, Bananarama, Strawberry Breeze and more – there is a SMOKO for every occasion.

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Cigarettes are Bad!

We know how bad smoking and cigarettes are for us! With over 4,000 chemicals and 50 known carcinogens, smoking is the leading preventable causes of death known to man!! Crazy ingredients like Tar and Arsenic (that’s rat poison…!), Formaldehyde and Cyanide (WTF?) and Carbon Monoxide! But they contain nicotine – which is the only reason we smoke.

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SMOKO is a Better Alternative

With only 4 pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, SMOKO has 99% less ingredients than traditional cigarettes. And unlike the majority of e-cig brands who make their e-liquids in China, SMOKO are one of the only whose amazing Flavours and E-Liquids are Made in the UK!

SMOKO still contains nicotine so we still get our fix! But without all of the nasty bits in a normal cigarette.

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Improve your Self Confidence

Lingering smell on our clothes and in our hair, bad breath (phew!) and yellow fingers and teeth….. and having to stand outside in the cold and wet!! Look what they make us do to enjoy a cigarette!

SMOKO leaves no smell!! Not on our clothes or our breath or in our hair or anywhere!! You will feel better about yourself!! More confident! More energy. Need we say more?

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It’s all about the Money

Cigarettes are outrageously expensive. Most people spend their first 2 working hours just to pay for their habit! SMOKO is a game changer. A 20 a day smoker can go from spending £9.50/day to £1/day!!! That’s a massive £8.50 saving every day and £3,100+ every year. And not by quitting! Just by switching from your current brand to SMOKO.  So take the extra cash and spend it on something you want!  New clothes, new iPhone or Galaxy, a family holiday, even a car.  Or stuff it in your bank!!  Whatever you do it, stop wasting your hard earned money up in smoke!!

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