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Marston's Pub Company

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We're passionate about our drinks. We brew some of the best known beers in Britain - with Marston's, Banks's, Mansfield, Burtonwood, Jennings, Ringwood and Wychwood.

We also offer leading lager brands such as Kronenbourg, Carlsberg, Stella Artois and Fosters, the latest packaged drinks and bestselling wines.

We have centuries of brewing and pub heritage, great drinks, great pubs, great people and a perfect blend of traditional values and a fresh, forward-looking business approach.

We have around 1700 pubs in more than 65 counties across England and Wales, from busy town and city pubs to village pubs at the heart of their communities. All offer great opportunities.

We don't interfere or tell people how to run their business. We believe in building the best possible business relationships by helping our pub operators celebrate their own success, but at the same time giving them all the help they need.

So take a pub with Marston's and in return, you'll have the advice of some of the most experienced people in the trade, all committed to help you make money, gain security and be competitive in your local area.

You'll also find us honest and fair in all our dealings. It's all part of our approach to successful pubs.

See the great support that Marston's can offer you